Q. What's the difference between nylon and dacron thread .
A. Both threads are synthetic fiber. Dacron will hold up longer in the weather than nylon. Both threads are uv treated and will take the sun.

Q. Thread sizes.
A. Dacron is #18 sewing size, Nylon 69 gage, and Nymo type F and EE.

Q. What is fuzzy back vinyl?
A. This is called fleece backed vinyl. It is not as strong and is used mainly for landau tops and door panels. The fuzzy back will glue better than the knit back.

Q. What makes my sewn welt buckle and wavy?
A. You must cut your cloth on the bias to keep the welt straight. this not necessary for vinyl.

Q. What should I use for outside arms & backs of furniture?
A. 1/2 “ foam is very good.

Q. Can I reglue my old headliner back up?
A. No. You will be spraying new glue over old glue and it will not hold. It will drop again very soon.

Q. Headliner replacement
A. Glue headliner material to a clean dry board (no lacquer or solvents). Use only razor blade or wire brush to clean board. Do not spray glue when the humidity is over 50%. Humidity will mix with the glue and it will not set up properly.

Q. Can I replace broken springs?
A. You should replace all the springs not just the broken one. The springs that are left are old and weak and you will be able to feel them thru the padding.

Q. Do you carry vinyl repair kits?
A. We do not carry a kit , only VLP a vinyl glue that dries clear and welds the tear or patch together

Q. The body side molding that I bought is coming off my car.
A. Did you use the cleaner and the adhesive promoter on your job? If not nothing will stick to old or new paint without it.

Q. Do you have a substitute for chip board?
A. Panel Board page 102 in catalog.

Q. Horse hair or hog hair.
A. Not used anymore, use felt carpet pad (page12).

Q. Bobbin sizes.
A. "A"-3/4” round 7/16” thick, "G"-13/16 round 7/8 thick-, "M"-1” round 7/16” thick.

Q. Fabric dye.
A. Each dye will only work on the fiber that it is made for. Most auto and furniture fabric are a blend of different yarns. So unless you know the fabric content forget it.

Q West coast float.
A. Bonded dacron is called (float) on the west coast

Q. How much air pressure for air staple gun?
A. From 25 to 100 lbs. Depending on how hard the wood.(furniture frames).

Q. How big of an air compressor do I need to operate air staple guns?
A. 1/4 hp with a 5 gal. tank is sufficient. You need a regulator to regulate the air pressure to the staple gun. If you’re working with hardwood frames, you can use 80 lbs air pressure to drive the staples in all the way. If you’re in soft wood you can use 20-30 lbs air pressure, so the staples won’t drive thru the fabric.

Q. Hand or electric staple gun.
A. The hand or electric staple gun virtually has one driver power, and on hard wood the staple has to be driven in with a hammer. Hand or electric guns are for a one time job only, not for the upholsterer.

Q. Thread frizzing up in front of the needle and breaking.
A. There are usually two reasons for this, one a burr on the hook (from broken needle). Or the machine is almost out of time. The point of the hook is catching the thread and cutting some of the strands and eventually all the strands will be cut.

Q. Size of needle for my sewing machine?
A. If you can’t read the numbers from the side of the needle shank, send us the old one and we will try and match it.

Q. Correct size thread for my sewing machine?
A. You can use any size you want as long as it will go thru the eye of the needle. But to test,hold the thread vertical with the loose needle . If the needle doesn’t slide down the thread the thread is too big. The bobbin can also use any size thread, but if the stitches pull top thread to the bottom sewing surface, you must use smaller thread or loosen bobbin tension.

Q. Spraying Sem dye?
A. In automotive, clean all surfaces to be dyed with the (Sem vinyl or plastic prep.) This removes all the dressing or armorall from the surface. Then use the dye.

Q. Why does landau vinyl top material have different prices?
A. The manufacturer of regular vinyl averages the cost out. The manufacturer of landau vinyl charges extra for dye colors (reds and metalics.)

Q. How thick is your vinyl?
A. Vinyl thickness is gauged by weight per square yard. Automotive vinyls are from 28 to 32 oz. per square yard. Industrial commercial and truck vinyl are from 38 to 40 oz. per square yard.

Q. Foam differences?
A. The standard test on foam is density (how much it weighs per cubic foot) and compression (how much weight it will hold). The standard test for compression is a piece of foam 18x18x4, with a 6” disc in center. Weight is added to the disc example 30lbs. When the disc goes 1” deep into the foam , that is considered 30lb compression foam.

Q. Is your vinyl fire retardant?
A. Our automotive replacement vinyl is motor vehicle safety standard # 302. Our original vinyl and body cloth is the same standard.

Q. Will your vinyl or fabric work in aircraft interiors?
A. No. Motor vehicle safety standard #302 will not meet FAA flame retardant standards.

Q. Do you carry fire retardant foam?
A. No, there are too many standards to go by, such as: California Bulletin 117,section E ,U F A C class 1, Business & institution furniture manf.assoc. F1-1978 (BIFMA), Motor vehicle safety standard #302, FAA (Dept of transportation, far 25.853b), Boston fire dept (BFD IX-1)and Federal specification CCC-A-680a and many more.

Q. What is slip film?
A. Slip film is a thin plastic film, used in conjunction with (tank type vacuum cleaner or cushion machine), to shrink foam for stuffing cushions.

Q. Will glue work in my paint gun or spray gun?
A. It will work in a pressure type system only. A syphon gun will not work , as the glue will set up in the gun.

Q. What is volara foam used for?
A. Volara foam is a closed cell foam. It can be sanded. This is why it can be used on vinyl tops. If the car is damaged the volara can fill bad spots or can be used for padding.

Q. What is sunbrella?
A. Sunbrella is 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric. Warranty is 5 years. Good for boat covers,awnings, patio furniture. Most any outdoor use.

Q. Is sunbrella water-resistant?
A. Yes, but it will breathe. That is why it is used for boat covers.

Q. What zipper can I use outdoors?
A. Only use brass or plastic, aluminum will oxidize and break.

Q. Can I return fabric I just bought?
A. Yes, we will take back any 3yd or more cut, within 10 days of purchase.

Q. Do you carry foam for making roll & pleats?
A. Yes, we carry two types of quilt back foam that can be used for roll and pleat.(remay and muslin backed foam page 9, of the catalog).