All Robbins Convertible Tops, Tonneau Covers, Top Boots, Glass and Plastic Windows,
Headliners, etc. are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at
the time of shipment from our plant. We offer a limited warranty for our products based on
the type of topping in which it is made and the length of time our product has been
installed. We guarantee our workmanship, and offer protection against failure in
toppings such as cracking, delamination, extreme color fading or discoloration; (except for
lighter colors of GR German Cloth toppings for which no warranty is available) within the
warranty periods listed below. Our Warranty does not cover damage caused to our
products by failure to properly operate a convertible top and glass or plastic window by
not following the procedures outlined in your owner's manual, nor any damage caused
by abuse whether accidental or intentional, or damage which may occur during installation
or caused by use of improper cleaning techniques or cleaners. Our Warranty further does
not cover damage to our products caused by top frame components or poor design
of tops, top frames, etc. by convertible manufacturers; and numerous caution notes
and disclaimers have been added to our Catalog for our products for convertibles
with known top or top frame problems.

Glass Windows

There is no warranty against breakage of glass windows since we have no control over
the use and treatment of glass windows after these have been installed. We do however
offer a 3 Year Warranty against failure of the bond of the sport topping to the glass, or
failure in the topping that would cause the glass window not to operate correctly. Folding
Glass Windows which use our Flex-Hinge, U.S. Patent 4,799,727; as well as our unique
2902, 2903, TN293, etc, tops and glass windows for Mazda MX-5 Miata, U.S. Patent 5,375,901; are
also guaranteed for three years from date of installation.

CG Bison (Crush) Grain Vinyl 3 Years
KV Deluxe Supreme Pinpoint Grain Vinyl 3 Years
EV Eurotopping KV Pinpoint Grain Vinyl 3 Years
RC Robbins Cabrio Grain Vinyl 3 Years
EC Eurotopping Cabrio Grain Vinyl 3 Years
RS Robbins Escort Grain Vinyl 3 Years
SS Sailcloth Grain Vinyl with gray backing 3 Years
CH (Pre-1982) Chrysler Crush Grain Vinyl 3 Years
CM Cami Double Coated Vinyl for Suzuki 3 Years
JPJD Crush Grain, Denim Grain Jeep Vinyls 3 Years
LV Levant Grain Vinyl for 2008 1 Year
SF Haartz Stayfast Special Colors 3 Years*
SF Robbins Sun-Fast Cloth 3 Years
SG Robbins Sun-Fast "G" Cloth 3 Years
LM Haartz Landmark Cloth with gray backing 3 Years**
TW Haartz Twillfast 3 Years**
BS Everflex British Vinyl 1 Year
GR,GN German Cloth Topping 1 Year**


a one year Warranty for these products regardless of the sport topping or other
material in which they are made.

Damage caused by failure to properly operate a Convertible Top, Glass Window,
Tonneau Cover, etc. is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Most damage of this
nature occurs when convertibles are loaned to friends or relatives who are unfamiliar
with convertibles. An example of this type of damage is when late MGB tops tear
because the fasteners were not released before the top was lowered. The most common
cause of Glass Window breakage is obstruction of the glass during raising or lowering.
Before lowering any Convertible Top make sure the storage compartment is free of
any foreign object such as beach towels, school books, toys, etc. In convertibles with soft wells
(pouch type storage compartments) be sure nothing is underlying the well, and that
everything in the trunk is secured. (Spare tires, tools, cartons, etc. can shift and cause problems
the next time the top is lowered or raised.)

Other causes of glass breakage can be metal top frame components which are out
of alignment. If you notice any irregular movement, stiffness or other problem in
lowering or raising your top, immediately take your convertible to an automotive
Trim and Upholstery Shop, or if your convertible is still under new car warranty, to the
dealer to have the frame mechanism inspected. One last cause of Glass Window breakage
in late model convertibles is the poor design of rear seats. Over time in some new convertibles
the rear seat backrest can be bent out of shape, and as a result Glass Window can snag on the
rear seat backrest and shatter when the top is raised or lowered.

We recommend strongly that you always watch carefully as you raise and lower your
convertible top and glass rear window to avoid experiencing the sorts of
problems described above.

Exclusions From Warranty Coverage

Damage Caused by Worn or Defective Top Frames and Mechanisms: We cannot be held
responsible for damage to our convertible tops and other products caused by worn
or defective top frames, or other body, interior trim or top frame components;
or caused by the auto manufacturer's designs of convertible tops or top frames.
1987-94 Cadillac Allante,1987-95 Chrysler Lebaron,1987-95 BMW 3 Series,
1987-95 Camaro , and 1987-On Saab convertibles for example, have problems in the
design of the top, or top frame that can cause convertible tops to be pinched, cut,
or develop holes as a result of raising and lowering the top over time. Other convertibles
such as 1990-1994 Capri convertibles developed water leakage problems which are inherent
in the basic design for which we cannot be held responsible.

Damage Caused by lmproper lnstallation: We further cannot be held responsible for damage
to our products caused by incorrect or improper installation procedures; or failure to
install or replace cables, hardware, top or quarter pads or other components originally
installed by the convertible manufacturer which must be in good condition for our top, glass rear
window assembly, etc. to operate.

Improper Cleaning or CustomerAbuse: Any damage to our products caused by improper
cleaning techniques, or damage caused by Customer abuse, whether accidental or intentional,
is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
Direction of Weave in Cloth Toppings, Normal Color Fading and Shrinkage: We cut our
tops to obtain optimum stretch for decks, quarters and reinforcements to insure the
best fit and long service life. However when we cut cloth toppings with directional
weaves such as twill weave used in our Sun-Fast "G", Twillfast, or German Cloth toppings,
decks and quarters may have weaves cut in different directions
to obtain the best fit for our products.

All sport toppings, vinyl or cloth, will experience some color fading and normal
shrinkage over time. We cannot be responsible for this unavoidable "aging" process.

Plastic Windows: We offer no warranty for plastic rear windows because no clear, flexible
plastic exists that can stand up to the harmful effects of UV light, and the atmospheric
chemicals that are found in smog, smoke, dust, fog etc. Frequent cleaning however will
prolong the service life of plastic windows. Consult our Tradition of Excellence Brochure
for tips to prolong service life.

Zippers and Fasteners: Always treat zippers and fasteners with care since No Warranty
is available from zipper or fastener manufacturers. For all convertible tops with zipper
CLOSED, EXCEPT for 1990-97 Mazda Miata Glass Window tops ( 2902, 2903, 2912, 2913
TN292H, TN293, TN212H, TN213). We can guarantee only that zippers and fasteners were
free of defects at the time of shipment, since we have no control over its use
during or after installation.

Thread: Thread currently available does not offer the colorfastness of vinyls, Robbins
Sun-Fast, Sun-Fast "G", or Haartz Twillfast cloth sport toppings; and will fade over time.
Our black thread offers the highest resistance to fading of any black thread currently in use,
but may fade slightly over time.

Alteration or Modification of ourProducts: Any alteration, modification, substitution
of components, etc. that in any manner alters the appearance or the way in which our
products function, automatically voids our Warranty protection.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by Acts of God such as
floods, hail storms, earthquakes, etc. There are no additional warranties or guarantees
expressed or implied, beyond what is described above. We further do not authorize others
to make any claims of merchantability, warranty, fitness, etc. of our products other
than what is described above.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Robbins Limited Warranty applies to the original purchaser of our products. Any sale or
transfer of the vehicle to another party may void our warranty. For the Limited Warranty to
be valid the warranty card in the box should be signed and returned to us. A copy of the
retail invoice from the automotive trim and upholstery shop that installed our product on your
vehicle, showing that our product was installed, should be submitted with any warranty claim.
In the event the warranty card has been lost, your retail invoice can be
used to substantiate your claim.

Warranty Claims Procedures

Should a defect be found in one of our products any warranty adjustment made will be
pro-rated based on the length of time our product has been installed. We stand behind
our products, and Customer satisfaction is always the number one priority of our
Warranty policy. All requests for warranty claims by convertible owners must be
directed to the automotive trim and upholstery shop where our product (s) were purchased.
The shop will in turn contact our distributor from whom our product was ordered, who
will forward the request to us. We reserve the right to insist that items for which warranty
claims have been made be returned to us for inspection before any adjustment is made.